S.C. DATCU S.R.L., CUI: RO 15738007, J22/1651/2003, Account TREZORERIA of Iasi municipality: RO07TREZ4065069XXX001971.

Principal field of activity: Engineering activities and related technical consultancy.


What we do

The portfolio of works includes design, verification and expertise services for civil, industrial and agricultural constructions and installations, water treatment and supply systems, sewerage networks and wastewater treatment plants.


* Elaboration of Technical Documentation for obtaining the Building Permit (D.T.A.C.), Demolition Permit (D.T.A.D.), Construction Organization Permit (D.T.O.E.);

* Expertise, design and verification of construction and electrical, plumbing, heating, air conditioning and ventilation installations for civil, industrial, agricultural and special constructions;
* Technical consultancy in execution;
* Technical assistance on site;

* Real estate consulting;
* Tracking performance over time;

* Dezvoltarea teoriilor și a tehnologiilor în domeniile ingineriei.



We offer to provide expert engineering advice to entities interested in the creation and development of businesses in the fields of civil engineering and environmental engineering.


Another of our general objectives, which we are constantly striving for, is the perfect combination of technical, financial and not least aesthetic aspects. Ideas can sound good, and at SC DATCU SRL we make them look excellent.

We help make your dreams come true, turn your ideas into reality. We aim to develop long-term partnerships, based on trust and backed by the desire to implement the goals of all our beneficiaries.

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